How to watch the FIFA World Cup in the Netherlands

How to watch the FIFA World Cup in the Netherlands. Like any other country, the Netherlands also loves football. They also have a rich history in football. So, if you’re from the Netherlands and you have got a question on your mind, how to watch the FIFA World Cup in the Netherlands? Then this article is only written for you.

Like any other country in the Netherlands, there are also a lot of ways to watch the FIFA World Cup. It’s up to you that, how you want to watch the world cup. But, which ones are the best? And this is my work. I will introduce you to some of the best sources out there to watch the FIFA World Cup Live from the Netherlands. So, let’s get started.

NOS Sport

NOS Sport or Nederlandse Omroep Stichting Sport is the best sport streaming media in the Netherlands. NOS Sport is a part of NOS, which is the Netherlands’ largest news outlet. They provide news, current affairs, and especially sporting.

Visit their website to know more about them. The website address of NOS Sport is and they also have an app for android devices. The app is not available for iOS, so if you’re an apple user you can’t access their app.

You can download the android app from Google Play Store. It has a good user rating. The rating is 4.5 and it’s already reached 5 million downloads. So, visit their website or download their android app to enjoy the FIFA World Cup in the Netherlands.

Ziggo Sport

Ziggo Sport is a great alternative to NOS Sport. It’s also quite famous in the Netherlands as a sports streaming service.

How to watch the FIFA World Cup in the Netherlands

The best part of Ziggo Sport is that, if you are from the Netherlands then you don’t need to pay for it. You can watch the FIFA World Cup with Ziggo Sport for free and it’s very enjoyable to use. You can also visit their website to enjoy their service, the website address of Ziggo Sport is

But like NOS Sport, Ziggo Sport doesn’t have any android or iOS applications for their users. But, it’s not a big deal.

Other ways to watch FIFA World Cup in the Netherlands

I think you don’t need any other ways to watch the FIFA World Cup from the Netherlands. NOS Sport and Ziggo Sport are enough, even more than enough.

Still, if you need another way then you can visit other sports streaming websites or you can download any apps from Google Play Store for android devices and App Store for iOS devices. If any app doesn’t work in the Netherlands, then just download a free VPN and you will be good to go.


Netherlands people need to be excited about the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022. Because the Netherlands is going to join the iconic world cup.

Yes, the Netherlands is qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2022 and they are in group A. For that, all Netherlands people are waiting with excitement for the World Cup. If you’re from the Netherlands then get ready for the football match and pray for your national team.
Published on October 17, 2022
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